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 Janis Stein

was born and raised in Huron County, Michigan. Ms. Stein is a freelance writer and the Assistant Editor of The Lakeshore Guardian. She also owns Stein Expressions, LLC, a Michigan company dedicated to writing memoirs and preserving history, one story at a time.

In 2008, Janis Stein published her first book, Schools of Yesteryear, Volume I, which detailed the histories of 15 one-room schoolhouses in Huron County, Michigan, and in 2009, she published Musings of a Country Girl, a collection of short stories guaranteed to enchant, amuse and inspire. In 2009, Stein served as a contributing author and was instrumental in assisting the Huron County Historical Society in self-Huron County 150 Yearspublishing their state award-winning book, Celebrating 150 Years ~ Huron County, Michigan (1859-2009).

In 2011, Janis Stein published Tales of Tragedy & Triumph, a collection of historical fiction stories from the 1870-1930 era. Stein also worked as a contributing author and editor of Lost Legends of the Lakes, an illustrated history, self-published by Robert McGreevy in 2011. In 2013, Janis Stein worked as an editor of Summer Sensations, a collection of summer-inspired poetry written by Allison Stein, and in 2014, Stein published Schools of Yesteryear, Volume II, which detailed the histories of 14 one- and two-room schoolhouses in Bingham, Paris, & Sheridan Townships in Huron County, Michigan. Schools of Yesteryear, Volume II, earned a 2014 State History Award from the Historical Society of Michigan!

In 2015, Stein worked as an editor for Spring Fever, a collection of spring-inspired poetry, and in 2016, Stein published Hometown Heroes: World War II Veterans Share Their Stories, which features the biographical experiences of 24 World War II veterans largely from Michigan’s Huron and Sanilac Counties. Janis Stein is currently researching schoolhouses for her third volume of Schools of Yesteryear, which will include the histories of 11 country schools located in Bloomfield, Gore, and Rubicon Townships in Huron County, Michigan.

Ms. Stein has had articles, book reviews and stories publishedGreat Lakes Bay Magazine in Michigan newspapers and magazines, including The Lakeshore Guardian, The Minden City Herald, The Great Lakes Mariners, The Deckerville Recorder/Sandusky Tribune, The Huron Daily Tribune, Great Lakes Bay Magazine, Great Lakes Bay Business, and Huron Shore Magazine. Janis Stein’s in-depth articles celebrating Michigan’s history and her heartfelt short stories have earned her a readership yearning for more.

Ms. Stein and her husband, David, along with their daughters, enjoy the tranquility of country life in Michigan’s Huron County.