Poem: Letter to an Old Friend

By Allison Stein

Writing has provided an expressive outlet and enabled me to speak from my heart. Below is a poem in which I work through emotions otherwise difficult to articulate. It is my hope that you will connect with my words and perhaps be inspired to immerse yourself in a poem of your own. Enjoy!

Letter to an Old Friend

It's funny.
I showed you my bruised soul—
The tears nobody could wipe away—
But you told me I was beautiful.

It’s ironic.
You watched me drown in pain’s icy waters—
Let me fight for each breath of dignity alone—
But you taught me how to live.

It’s bittersweet.
I’ve channeled enough courage to move on—
To escape echoes of old dreams—
But I can never let go of what I used to call love.

It’s unforgettable.
If my heartbeat weren’t swallowed by silence—
If I could find a voice in this smothering regret—
I would thank you.
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