Poem: Souvenir

By Allison Stein

I found the inspiration that ignited this poem on a fishing trip, an escape that changed my perspective, claimed my heart, and quieted my soul. Silence is powerful: Only in the peace of nature could I hear the words reverberating within. Always take a moment to listen.


Trusting the current to propel you
Past smooth waters kissed by the sun
Is liberation.
You live wave by wave,
Cast by cast,
Moment by moment,
Breath by breath.
Your heartbeat slows down,
And your eyes open up.
You stop searching for answers
And begin to revel in the questions,
The mysteries,
The enigmas.
You listen to the rhythm of life.
You breathe in and breathe out.
And when you reach shore,
You wonder if you have to leave this peace behind—
Or can you carry it with you
As a pressed leaf
Or a pretty stone
Or a memory glazed like clay in your heart?
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