Poem: The Passion of Poetry

By Allison Stein

Poetry is powerful and empowering. One of my greatest joys is the gift of sharing previously intangible experiences with others and reliving beautiful moments, now alive and palpable. Through my work, I strive to offer hope and courage to strangers: I want my words to be remembered, to become people’s personal fight songs. The following poem encapsulates my dream to make a difference with my writing—to change lives through the craft I so passionately believe in.

The Passion of Poetry

Too much is hidden within us:
Dreams trapped in our imaginations,
Thoughts contained in single souls,
And invisible tears of heartbreak.

Creating poems out of passion,
Poets reveal their secrets
And turn feelings into words—
Expressions of beauty and love.

One day we read a poem
And relate to the lines;
Two minds fill with the same wonder.
Stanzas sing in both our hearts.

Rhymes echo our thoughts,
And we understand the world;
Sharing what haunts and entices
Is the purity and passion of poetry.
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